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Renowned Artist Denis Haračić Shares Insights at IUS Art Gallery's Artist Talks Series

In a captivating installment of the Artist Talks series, the IUS Art Gallery recently played host to esteemed artist Denis Haračić at IUS. The event, which garnered significant attention from students and art enthusiasts alike, provided a unique opportunity for attendees to gain firsthand insights into Haračić's artistic journey and creative process.

Haračić's lecture focused on the intricate nuances of artistic practice, drawing upon his rich personal experiences. At the heart of his discourse was the exploration of traditional printmaking techniques and their seamless integration into the realm of contemporary art, enriched by the infusion of new media.

Attendees were treated to a visually stimulating journey as Haračić explored themes and concepts across various series of his works. Through his engaging presentation, students were able to witness firsthand how a certain motif evolves and transforms, breathing life into each piece with profound meaning and depth.

Of particular significance was Haračić's candid discussion on navigating the complex landscape of the art scene. Sharing personal anecdotes and practical advice, he illuminated the path to effectively presenting one's work and garnering recognition within the industry.

Following the lecture, attendees had the opportunity to engage in an interactive Q&A session with Haračić, further enriching their understanding of his artistic vision and methodology.



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