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VACD MA Students’ Exhibition “Behind the Image” on Display

On Monday, March 27, 2023, IUS Art Gallery organized an exhibition “Behind the Image” where VACD Master students displayed their artwork reflecting their exploration of themes in contemporary art. The exhibitors, mentored by Prof. Dr. Meliha Teparić, are Nasiha Hasić, Ajla Ibrahimkadić, Mert Kınalı, Lea Leleta, Ana Lukić, Baysal Sümer, Ermina Ušanović and Amar Rahić. 

The themes of memory, body, remembrance, dreams, loneliness, consciousness and reality were presented to the audience through the use of 3D technology, illustration, colors, specific shapes, audio recordings, paintings or photographs. These various media contributed to the story behind the art pieces and enhanced the overall impression of each work.

During their research and preparations for the exhibition, the students’ own personal experience as well as other artists’ and authors’ works served as their inspiration. Their artwork is daring because these young artists challenge the world around them by skillfully manipulating with the concepts of the body and the soul, intimate relationships and personal struggles with an incurable illness.


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