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Reflections and Rejects: The Diverse Themes of Denis Haračić's 'Inbetween' Exhibition

On Monday, March 4, IUS Art Gallery organized the "Inbetween" exhibition by Mr. Denis Haračić, a Bosnian artist. The exhibition showcases artworks from various phases of Mr. Haračić's career. The exhibition transitions between themes that explore broader social groups and offer introspective glimpses into the artist's inner self.

"The Mirror" is a multi-panel wall piece dedicated to the concept of self-reflection and, more broadly, the idea of reflection itself. It features two formations of twenty self-portraits standing in opposition to each other. In the cycle of work titled 'Reject,' there are 50 portraits portraying the marginalized young cultural scene of Bosnia and Herzegovina. Additionally, there are 5 audio installations created in collaboration with musician and producer Billain. The "Family" portrait series consists of paintings recreated from the artist's old family photos. Each painting is inspired by a specific photo, aiming to evoke a sense of long-lost nostalgia and forgotten times.

The exhibition will be on display in the IUS Art Gallery until March 22, 2024.


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