Traumas, Obsessions and Other Impressions – an exhibition by Branko Vekić

Artistic research "Traumas, Obsessions and other Impressions" represents an intertextual work - a book, consisting of art prints and linked texts, which, on its basic intellectual level, deals with the relation of four dominant themes in contemporary art: Identity, Memory, Place, and Time. The memories from the earliest childhood, in the form of images, sensations and emotions, weave a mosaic that reflects personal identity constructed mainly by those exact memories, and viewers can experience and decode them through a prism of their own experiences. The period linked by memories extends from two to seven years of age, and it is connected to certain phases in the development of personality. This body of work also links the individual identity to the identity of a city where the person grew up and evolved, and appeals to the awareness of disastrous and destructive impacts of materialistic society on both kinds of identity.

Branko Vekić, a graphic designer, movie and theater director and master of printmaking, lives and works in Sarajevo as an Assistant Professor at the International University of Sarajevo where he helps young people develop their artistic potential. In 1996, he created the first computer animation in Bosnia and Herzegovina which was transferred to a film stock. In 2001, he worked as an animator and graphic designer for the Academy Award winner “No Man’s Land”. In 1994, 1997 and 2005, he worked as a director, art director and graphic designer on projects for Bosnia and Herzegovina representatives at the Eurovision Song Contest.


The exhibition will be on display from 29 September 2021 until the end of November in the new IUS Gallery (B building – Ground floor).