In memoriam Toše Mitaševski

On March 14th 2016, at the IUS Art Gallery a memorial service was held in honor of Toše Mitoševski. A commemoration was held in his honor in the Historical Museum of BiH in Sarajevo on March 15th. His last exhibition “A Room of Her Memories” will be open during next month in IUS Art Gallery.

"With a sense of infinite sadness and pride in the artwork, we are saying our last farewells to Tose Mitaševski, one of our best photographers.  Sensibility of surrealistic hiper-realism that Tošo brought in his works, defies death and nothingness, and exalts the phenomenon of eternity. In these difficult times we recall the power of his art photography, and within the death life is celebrated. “said Lejla Panjeta, the organizator of the exhibition “A Room of Her Memories”.

‘Longing for the beauty that is stored deep in the soul of the artistic photographer Toše Mitaševski found a way to transform landscapes of the terrible truth, but at the same time, however, preserve them. Our yesterday's reality becomes surreal through his photographs. And our present’s reality receives a surrealist beauty.’ Tvrtko Kulenović, Sarajevo, 1993 – reviwer of the exhibition “A Room of Her Memories”. 


Toše Mitaševski was born on 1960 in Sarajevo. He graduated from high school and Faculty of Economics in Sarajevo. He was a member of the Photo Association of Bosnia and Herzegovina with the title of master of photography and the Association of Applied Artists and Designers of Bosnia and Herzegovina. During the war he worked for the magazine ŽENA 21 and CORRIDOR, he cooperated with the Oslobodjenje daily paper and published photos in several other publications.  He had published works in LEMOND and BASLERZEITUNG.

With professional engagement he continuously held exhibitions, and a number of his photographs are in private collections. Basic concern of his work was with models in interior and exterior, landscape, and his technique is primarily black and white photos. He has participated in about 150 group exhibitions, where he received 32 awards.