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July, 22, 2020.


8 circles on

8 horizons as

8 compositions of

8 algorithms on

8 instruments in

8 tonalities as

8 loops that cycle into the ∞

The mountain heights around us are oscillating. The horizons are overlapping like amplitude values in a sound composition. From point to point the elevation of the mountain heights determines our vision of the distances. “Geosonic Horizons” is an acousmatic essay. The goal is an auditory representation of mountain ranges that lie around Sarajevo. The experiment “Geosonic horizons” is primarily an artistic project which – because of the accuracy and authenticity – uses scientific standards, measurements, data and logical calculations. It is a mathematical game with algorithms of geodesic values that leads into the world of the physical processing of sound.

360 degree video recording with drone was realized in 2019 thanks to the friendly cooperation with Muhammed Ali ÖRNEK from Istanbul Technical University.

Time of realization: 2010

Haris Sahačić was born in Sarajevo on 05.05.1977. In year 2011 graduates fine arts studying Media Design within the Faculty for Art and Design at the Bauhaus University in Weimar. Fields of his studies were Experimental radioInterface designEuropean Media Culture. Since June 2017 as fellow of the Marie Curie Alumni Association he is conducting in close cooperation with Relais Culture Europe and Scientific Research Center of the Slovenian Academy of Sciences and Arts one artistic research on Quintessence as public space”.