Hello World

Hello World Invites Visitors on a Trip around the World

On June 20, 2020 – the summer/winter solstice, the longest/shortest day of the year – the nonprofit organization TransCultural Exchange invites people everywhere to join Hello World’s (virtual) trek around the globe. Visitors can peruse, photos, prints and installations by artists from Argentina to Zambia with many stops along the way. Included are artists’ films and videos, trailers of dance performances and musical pieces from France, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Egypt, China and Brazil, along with scores of others. There is also the possibility for people to participate with works from Kyrgyzstan, the UK, US, Brazil and more – and all without anyone having to leave the safety of their home.

Hundreds of artists and arts and cultural venues from over 70 countries make up this tour.

Advance entrée to some of the places you can visit is <here>. The names of some of the artists whose works you will experience is <here>.

A bit of background information:

Hello World was inspired by the local efforts gallantly being made by artists throughout the world during the COVID-19 pandemic.  For instance, the Italian balcony singers, serenading passersby.

Hello World takes this idea to the global level as a way for artists and arts and cultural venues to demonstrate care and concern not only for their close friends, but also for those far away – to signal that we are all in this pandemic together.

To do this, Hello World solicited texts, SoundCloud links, jpegs and YouTube/vimeo videos from artists (of all cultures, disciplines, abilities, backgrounds and orientations), residing anywhere in the word.

At the same time, Hello Word and the participating artists gathered together names and websites of arts and cultural venues throughout the world who agreed to post a link to Hello World on their website. They will do this on the day of the project’s launch, as a tribute of solidarity with their colleagues around the globe. Please show them your appreciation by visiting these venues in the left-hand navigation <here>.

Stay Tuned: we are now creating individual webpages for the hundreds of artists’ works on Hello World. (Please note: The deadline for artist’s submissions is now past. Venues that would like to participate, however, can still be added though June 10. Please email msherman [at] transculturalexchange.org for more information.)

On June 20th, 2020, the project’s launch date, Hello World will broadcast the project to the entire global community (through Hello World and the hundreds of participating venues’ websites).

Hello World aims:

1. To sustain people-to-people interactions within and beyond borders, during the COVID-19 period of travel restrictions and social distancing.

2. To provide all artists and many in the arts and cultural community more visibility during this difficult time of decreased and/or shuttered operations.

3.  To address the isolation, loss and fear resulting from the pandemic’s decrease in our usual sources of solace – the arts, a connection with others and the possibility of positive interactions with those outside our usual sphere.

4. To encourage a non-threatening global mindset to stem the rising nationalism, discrimination and other extremist tendencies that often results when people feel scared and stressed.

Interested in a second world tour?

A $5000 sponsorship will result in webpages for all the venues around the world. This way, visitors can easily see and learn more about the participating venues that dot the globe from Argentina to  Zambia.

A $10,000 sponsorship will enable us to produce a second, Hello World tour.

Donate <here>

Not able to contribute to a second tour?

No matter.  Enjoy this one for free. It is and will always be – as all of TransCultural Exchange’s virtual offerings – available at no cost to everyone, everywhere.

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Want to know what our Call for Participation looked like? It’s here:


Photo Credit: Bongkarn Thanyakij


Hello World

Rationale: The COVID-19 coronavirus seems to have brought a necessary slowdown, if not a downright halt to artistic and cultural gatherings, exchanges and cross-border productions.

Although we believe - and know from experience - that face-to-face interactions are the best way to experience artworks and encourage collaboration, for the moment we recognize that our usual approaches would be inappropriate. Therefore, we are proposing an alternative. Inspired by singers singing from the balconies in Italy, TransCultural Exchange is proposing a virtual, global art project with the aim of continuing to encourage international exchange among artists, showcasing works to new audiences and fostering dialog among peoples of different cultures - without anyone having to leave their homes.


Please join us in this simple, but powerful gesture of global solidarity during the COVID-19 pandemic, a greeting to/from our colleagues around the world. The project is open to both artists (of all disciplines) and any venue (museum, gallery, book store, radio station, café, cultural center, community organization – in essence, any place with a website) wishing to express support of Hello World’s mission.

Call for Participation in a Free, Virtual, International Art Exchange

  • Please help to disseminate this call to all artists everywhere!

How to Participate

  • There is no cost to participate in this online project.
  • We encourage all artists and venues shuttered by COVID-19 to participate.
  • Artists do not need to submit a new work to participate in this Project (See Submission Process [here].)
  • NEW Deadline: May 20.
  • Note: Due to high volume of requests to participate, we would appreciate receiving submissions as soon as possible.

    Who can Participate

    • Artists (of any discipline), residing anywhere in the world.
    • Venues of any kind (a gallery, concert hall, theater, residency, library, cultural center, artist collective - essentially, any entity that has a website), existing anywhere in the world.

    How "Hello World" Works
    Artist Participation
    All participating artist must submit the submission materials listed [here].

    • All artists who submit the required materials (including Part 3, explained below) will be accepted.
    • For Part 3, each participating artist must contact and secure a venue that is willing to upload the url to Hello World onto their website. A venue can not be the artist's own website. In this way, both artists and others who have had to reduce their operations during this time of global isolation can have the opportunity to partake the Project.
    1. A venue can be any entity with a website that will link Hello World to their website by the Summer Solstice, or June 20th, the longest day of the year.
    2. Artists must also ask the venue to include (along with Hello World Overview link, which will be updated by June 19th) the following text (or some version of it, adapted as they see fit): “Below is a link to Hello World, an international project, where artists throughout the world have submitted art works to share with all of us. We hope you enjoy this gesture of goodwill and solidarity from our colleagues around the globe.”
    3. TransCultural Exchange will follow up with all venues to thank them for participating in the Project and shortly before June 20th to remind them of Hello World’s launch on June 20, 2020.
    • Based on the information provided by each participant, TransCultural Exchange will categorize each submission by geographic location, submission type and genre and create a unique URL for each artist’s submission on the Hello World website.
    • Submissions will be arranged in groups by categories. For instance, one group might consist of 4 vimeo links, but the 4 videos will be by artists in 4 different countries, somewhat like  what we did with this project: Here There Future.

    Venue Participation

    • There is no limit to how many venues can participate in the Project.
    • Venues not contacted by an artist can still participate.
    • Venues that want to participate on their own, need only to email Part 3 of the submission materials [here] (ie your website and contact information, etc.).
    • Venues must also add to their website by June 20 the following (which can be edited/adapted): "Below is a link to Hello World, an international project, where artists throughout the world have submitted art works to share with all of us. We hope you enjoy this gesture of goodwill and solidarity from our colleagues around the globe. http://transculturalexchange.org/activities/hw/overview.htm"
    • A venue's uploading of a Project url is not meant to be construed as an endorsement of the Project works. Instead, it is an endorsement of the project's gesture of solidarity among our colleagues around the world. It is also meant to provide the venues with a bit more visibility for all the wonderful things they do.

    Project Presentation Days
    From June 20, 2020 onwards

    • Hello World will be virtually presented on Participating Project Venues' websites and on TransCultural Exchange's dedicated Project webpage.

    After June 20, 2020, Hello World will remain on TransCultural Exchange's website as an archive of the Project. Venues are free to keep the Project on their websites as long as they desire, but must at least include a mention of the Project from June 20-21, 2020.

    Why participate?

    • Venues will receive a virtual, ready-made, international, artistic and cultural exchange program to offer their patrons, meaning a new reason to attract patrons to their websites.
    • Venues will gain from publicity of the Project by TransCultural Exchange, the other venues and participating artists.
    • Venues will be acknowledged on TransCultural Exchange website, indicating their support of the Project's aim to safely share works that artists from around the world are doing, while also providing those same makers with additional visibility outside their homes.
    • Artists' works will gain from this same publicity, be seen in new venues and by potentially new audiences.
    • Artists will also know that they are supporting those who have presented their work in the past, their international peers, patrons and global public in this shuttered time.
    • Most of all: artistic and cultural exchanges and interactions will continue to be celebrated and those who find solace in the arts in difficult times will have a new way to do so.

    What to Expect from TransCultural Exchange

    • TransCultural Exchange will tap into its 30 year-old global network of contacts to solicit venues and artists to participate. (We also welcome all others' help in disseminating this call.)
    • TransCultural Exchange will process, categorize and post all the submissions and venues' participation on a dedicated portal on TransCultural Exchange's website.
    • All artists retain the copyright of their works and TransCultural Exchange will post language attesting that none of the works in the Project can be copied or used by any other party (aside from the participating venues for a one-time Project use) without the express permission of the creator of the work. Any third-party request of interest in an artist's work as a result of their participation in the Project will be directed to the Participant artist. Participation in Project shall not be considered an endorsement by TransCultural Exchange or any participating venue of any Participant's work.
    • TransCultural Exchange will promote and publicize the Project.

    We ask, but do not require, that all participating artists and venues help in this publicity endeavor (by announcing the same on their social media or by other means) to ensure the world is aware and can participate in the Project.

    General Requirements:
    Given the speed with which this Project is being produced:

    1. All questions below must be answered exactly as requested and formatted as indicated. Do not use all capital letters in any of the sections. All submissions must be submitted in English.
    2. All submissions must be received by midnight EST, May 20. Again, due to the high volume of submissions we continue to expect to receive, early submissions are highly appreciated.
    3. The answers to all questions below need to be included in the body of an email and as a word attachment (labeled with your last name_first name, ie Smith_Jane).
    4. Works can be submitted as a .txt file (no more than 1000 words); a .jpg file (height 400 pixels, width up to 900 pixels); a Vimeo or YouTube link (no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds), or a SoundCloud link (no longer than 3 minutes and 30 seconds).
    5. Please use Hello World Submission as the subject line in your email.
    6. Send your submission to msherman(at)transculturalexchange.org.
    7. Any application that does not adhere to these guidelines will be excluded from the Project.
    8. PLEASE do not ask us to help you format or label your works, etc. It is not possible for us to do that.
    9. During the duration of this Project, please check your spam folders. As a nonprofit organization, many email servers automatically filter .org emails directly into spam; and this Project will seem even more spam-like to servers, as it will require us to be emailing a large number of participants around the globe.

    Part I : Biographical Information
    Name of Participant:
    Home City/Country:
    Email address:
    Website address:
    One sentence biography (no more than 150 characters, including spaces):
    Presentation History:
    Please provide a List of Venues where your work has been presented. Only list 5 venues, adhering to the following format:

    • Title of Exhibition, Performance, Publication, Location (city and country), year.

    For instance (as in these hypothetical examples):
    Metamorphosis of Materiality, The Kunsthalle of Modern Art (Chicago, USA), 2020.
    Mozart's Magic Flute, Metropolitan Opera (Boston, USA), 2020.
    If the presentation was a solo presentation, please add a · before the presentation, e.g.:
    · Jane Doe: Metamorphosis of Materiality, The Kunsthalle of Modern Art (Boston, USA), 2020.

    Part II : The Submission
    Title of Work:
    Submission form (ie, .txt, .jpg, Vimeo, YouTube or SoundCloud link):

    • Vimeo, YouTube or SoundCloud link:
    • If you are submitting a .txt or .jpg, please attach and label your submission as follows
      YourLastName_TitleofWork.format (For instance: Smith_Untitled.jpg or Smith_Untitled.txt)

    A one-sentence description of the work (maximum 150 characters, including spaces):

    Part III : Participating Venue Information
    Name of Venue:
    Name of the Venue contact person:
    Email of Venue contact person:
    Venue's website address:

    Part IV : Submission Terms of Agreement
    Along with the information we need from you above, please let us know that you:

    1. Confirm that the work submitted was made by you and that you hold the copyright for this work and will allow it to be used for this one-time participation in this Project.
    2. Agree that everything in your application is true and that you understand that it will be removed from the Project if this proves not to be the case.
    3. Allow your name, country of residence, title of your work (medium, genre, etc.) and website to be listed on TransCultural Exchange's website as a Project Participant.
    4. Grant the Project venues where your work is presented a one-time and only one-time use to present your work with the caveat that you, the artist, retain the copyright of this work.
    5. You agree with all of the above, by copying 1-5 and including 1-5 with your submission.

    Thank you for your participation!
    Stay Tuned.

    More Questions

    Please check the program's website (and refresh your web browser) as we will be updating our website on an ongoing basis with any new developments.

    About TransCultural Exchange

    TransCultural Exchange is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization whose mission is to foster a greater understanding of world cultures through high-quality art projects, cultural exchanges and educational programming, most notably, our International Conference on Opportunities in the Arts. TransCultural Exchange's three-decades of service in the field of cultural exchange, across various disciplines has resulted in a large and loyal global network, ensuring the success of its projects. These efforts have earned the organization considerable acclaimsupport and awards from institutions such as the Northeast Chapter of the International Art Critics Association (AICA), United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), National Endowment for the Arts (NEA), Massachusetts Cultural Council, Boston Cultural Council, Asian Cultural Council, Elizabeth Firestone Graham Foundation, Boston Foundation, swissnex Boston, the Netherland-American Foundation, among many others. For more information on TransCultural Exchange, visit www.transculturalexchange.org.

    TransCultural Exchange thanks all the following venues for their participation. Please visit their websites to learn about all the wonderful things they do.

    Artists for Social Justice 2020 www.ArtistsforSocialJustice2020.com
    Baby Forest www.babyforest.co
    Clear Blue Skies www.clearblueskies.co
    The International Association of Art (UNESCO Official Partner)  https://www.aiap-iaa.org/
    Make Art with Purpose makeartwithpurpose.net
    Resartis https://resartis.org/covid-19-updates/external-resources/
    Theater without Borders https://www.theatrewithoutborders.com/youth-next-gen/
    TransArtists https://www.transartists.org/
    TransCultural Exchange www.transculturalexchange.org
    UN/CUBE Gallery http://uncube.org

    Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies www.jiser.org

    ‘ace www.proyectoace.org
    Fundación Manos Verdes www.manos-verdes.org
    Gen-BA www.gen-ba.org

    Art and Cultural Studies Laboratory (ACSL) https://www.facebook.com/acsl.am

    Aa collections  http://www.aacollections.net/
    Dessous / production and exhibition space  www.thedessous.com
    Hinterland Galerie https://www.hinterland.ag/
    Memphis http://www.memphismemph.is/
    RAUMSTATION  http://www.raumstation.space/

    Artsource artsource.net.au
    Bilpin international ground for Creative initiatives Sydney (BigCi) https://bigci.org/
    International Art Space www.spaced.org.au
    Katharine Susannah Prichard Writers’ Centre www.kspwriterscentre.com
    MAPBM (Modern Art Projects Blue Mountains) www.modernartprojects.org
    PICA (Perth Institute of Contemporary Arts) pica.org.au
    Rochfort Gallery www.rochfortgallery.com
    Women’s Art Register www.womensartregister.org

    Art World www.awi.foundation
    Flux-News https://flux-news.be/
    Galerie Jacques Cerami https://www.galeriecerami.be/
    Wit.h vzw http://www.vzwwith.org/

    Kiosko Galería  www.kioskogaleria.com

    Art Gallery of International University of Sarajevo https://artgallery.ius.edu.ba

    Centoequatro www.centoequatro.org
    Coletivo 7Jovens https://www.7jovens.com.br/
    Dan Galeria https://www.dangaleria.com.br/
    Galeria Peninsula www.galeriapeninsula.art.br

    Union of Bulgarian Artists www.sbhart.com
    Water Tower Art http://watertowerartfest.com/en/
    World of Co Artist Residency www.worldof.co

    Marahaba Music Expo https://web.facebook.com/Marahaba-Music-Expo-1230381687112241/

    CARFAC Ontario www.carfacontario.ca
    From-montreal.com  https://www.from-montreal.com
    Gallery 133 www.gallery133.com
    Plein sud https://www.plein-sud.org
    Wild New Territories (WNT) http://www.wildnewterritories.com

    Bimbache openArt www.bimbache.info
    casArte El Hierro www.casArte-elhierro.org

    Valley of the Possible www.valleyofthepossible.com

    China Residencies chinaresidencies.org

    LUXELAKES· A4 Art Museum http://www.a4am.cn/ 
    NY20+ http://www.ny20plus.com/en/

    UИTITLEDSPΛCE️®️ www.theuntitled.cn


    Novena - Digital Media Studio http://multimedia.novena.hr/en/

    IDUN Centre of Excellence http://www.idun.dtu.dk/

    No Lugar – Arte Contemporáneo  https://nolugar.org/quienes-somos/

    Radio SUBMARINE https://yaramekawei.wixsite.com/yaramekawei

    Arts Territory Exchange https://www.artsterritoryexchange.com/
    RaumArs A-i-R www.raumars.org
    Translation is Dialogue https://www.translationisdialogue.org
    TUO TUO's Kultturi Tila https://www.tuotuoarts.com/

    The Art and Science International Institute https://www.asciiparis.eu/
    Artists In Residency Television www.artistsinresidencetv.com
    Festival of Braine https://www.facebook.com/festivalcorrespondancesdesarts/
    Le Ring (Toulouse, France)
    Le 6b http://www.le6b.fr/
    Radio Dordogne France http://www.radiodordogne.com/category/les-creations/#post2397 
    Urban Boat https://urbanboat.fr/
    Ville de Braine https://braine.fr/

    Art Aia - La Dolce Berlin   https://artaialadolceberlin.com/
    büro Müller www.buero-mueller.net
    Centrum http://centrumberlin.com/
    Gallery Rother Winter  www.rother-winter.de
    gOdigital http://www.godigital-berlin.de/
    Künstlerhaus Langeehof  langeehof.de
    NAF http://naf.space/
    Susan Boutwell Gallery susanboutwell.com

    artAZ http://www.artaz.gr/

    Sol del Rio Galle https://en.soldelrio.com

    kubrick http://www.kubrick.com.hk
    Our Gallery http://www.ourgalley.com.hk
    Useless Studio www.useless-studio.com
    Young Artist-in-Residence@V54 http://childrenyouth.poleungkuk.org.hk/en/page.aspx?pageid=1635

    1111 Gallery www.1111gallery.org
    Symposion Foundation, Hungary www.symposion.hu

    Gullkistan, creativity center gullkistan.is
    Heima Art Residency  http://www.h-e-i-m-a.com/
    NES Artist Residency https://neslist.is

    079 Stories https://www.facebook.com/search/top/?q=079%20stories
    David Hall www.davidhall.in
    Farm Studio https://farmingstudio.wordpress.com/news/
    Goethe Insititut/ Max Muller Bhavan https://www.goethe.de/ins/in/en/kul/sup/fmi.html
    Indian Colours www.indiancolours.com
    TIFA Working Studios http://tifa.edu.in

    Kooshk Residency https://www.facebook.com/kooshkresidency

    Cork Midsummer Festival https://www.corkmidsummer.com

    Andrea Nuovo Home Gallery www.andreanuovo.com
    Art Aia - Creatives / In / Residence  https://artaiafvg.wordpress.com/
    Arte Studio Ginestrelle & Writing residency, Assisi https://artestudioginestrelle.wordpress.com/
    Center, Art, Landscape, Land, Environment https://www.facebook.com/CAPTA-639398949856741/?modal=admin_todo_tour
    Chiasso Perduto www.chiassoperduto.com
    Fondazione Sormani/Prota-Giurleo https://www.fondazionesormaniprota-giurleo.it
    Gruppo 78 International Contemporary Art https://www.gruppo78.it/

    Art and Syrup https://artandsyrup.com/
    Co • iki Residency https://www.facebook.com/events/144568080327065/  

    B'Art Contemporary http://bishkekart.kg/news/

    Rucka Artists Residency http://www.rucka.lv
    SERDE http://www.serde.lv

    Tiro Arts Association https://tiroarts.com/

    pARTage https://partagemauritius.wordpress.com/residencies/

    Anima Casa Rural Artists in Residency (ACRAR.) http://animacasarural.com/
    Arquetopia Foundation https://www.arquetopia.org/
    Art Konnection artkonnection.art
    Colectivo GyB ByG www.gyb-byg.blogspot.com
    LILHA http://lilha.org/
    Tlacopac International Artist Residency/ Tlacopac Residencia Internacional de Artistas www.tlacopac.art

    LASANAA www.lasanaa.org.np
    NexUs Culture Nepal http://nexusculturenepal.com.np/

    ARE Holland Enschede  http://www.areholland.com/
    Artphy www.artphy.nl
    Concordia Gallery at Concordia Beeldende Kunst Art Center https://www.concordia.nl/beeldende-kunst/
    Willem Twee muziek en beeldende kunst / Willem Twee music and arts  https://www.willem-twee.nl/
    TransArtists https://www.transartists.org/

    Earthskin Creative Residency http://www.earthskin.co.nz/oursupport/
    Lake House Arts Centre https://lakehousearts.org.nz/

    R.E.D. (Residency Eina Danz) www.reddanz.com

    Centro Selva Arte y Ciencia https://www.centroselva.com/
    Forum Galeria https://galeriaforum.net
    Galeria del Paseo http://www.galeriadelpaseo.com

    Gallery Store https://www.gallerystore.pl/
    Kutno Cultural  Centre https://kdk.net.pl/

    Kubik Gallery https://www.kubikgallery.com/

    Babes-Bolyai University  https://www.ubbcluj.ro/en/
    Bucharest International Dance Film Festival  www.bidff.ro

    INTER–MISSION https://www.inter-mission.art

    Bridge guard – Residential Art / Science Center www.bridgeguard.org/
    Galéria umelcov Spiša / Gallery of Spiš Artists, Spišská nová ves, Slovakia  www.gus.sk

    SANAVA, South Africa National Association for the Visual Arts http://sanava.co.za/
    Tankwa Artspace http://www.tankwaartscape.com/
    Victoria Yards www.victoriayards.co.za/

    Gallery EAC http://galleryeac.com

    AADK Spain www.aadk.es
    Academia Nuevo Arte  www.academianuevoarte.com
    Airgentum — Artists in Residency www.airgentum.org
    Art Print Residence http://artprintresidence.com
    Bee Time • Art and Ecology Research Projects. www.beetime.net
    Curtidos https://curtidos.org/
    Grabart http://grabart.net/
    Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies www.jiser.org
    Montemero Art Residency. https://www.facebook.com/montemeroartresidency/

    Art Inside Out https://artinsideout.se/en
    ARNA https://www.arna.nu/
    Ateljé A-M http://www.ateljeam.se/en/

    Artem Reich https://www.artem-reich.com/
    artists-in-labs (part of the Department of Cultural Analysis (DKV) at the Zurich University of the Arts, ZHdK)  http://www.artistsinlabs.ch/en/
    Design Biennale Zurich  www.designbiennalezurich.ch
    KunstRaumRheim www.kunstraumrhein.ch

    Bamboo Curtain Studio  http://bambooculture.com/en
    Cheng Long Environmental Art Lab https://www.facebook.com/ChengLongArtLab.Satoumi/
    Double Square Gallery www.doublesquare.com.tw
    PDXchange https://www.pdxchange.net/
    Taipei Artist Village www.artistvillage.org
    TESA Creative Center https://www.tesacc.com/
    Treasure Hill Artist Village, Taipei Artist Village http://www.artistvillage.org

    Ne'-Na Contemporary Art Space www.nena-artspace.com

    Jiser Reflexions Mediterrànies www.jiser.org

    Alora Production www.aloraproduction.com
    Başakşehir Science and Art Central www.basaksehirbilsem.meb.k12.tr
    Bora Erdem Dans & Spor Café www.boraerdem.com

    Ivano-Frankivsk Museum of Local Lore  http://en.museum.if.ua/museums/r2/21.html
    Museum Making of Ukrainian Nation https://www.museumsun.org
    Unistudy International Education  https://unistudy.org.ua/

    A Wave of Dreams Art Lab https://awaveofdreams.com
    Burton Art Gallery https://www.burtonartgallery.co.uk/
    Cerulean Sounds Productions CeruleanSounds.comruleanSounds.com
    Dover Arts Development (DAD) https://www.dadonline.eu/
    Janet Rady Fine Art https://www.janetradyfineart.com
    The Island Arts Centre www.islandartscentre.com
    Level Best Art Café http://www.dacontrust.co.uk/
    PICA Studios www.picastudios.co.uk
    Redline Artworks www.redlineartworks.org
    [SHIFT:ibpcpa] www.ibpcpa.co.uk  
    Somerset Film https://www.somersetfilm.com/
    Southlondonmuseum (SLM) http://www.southlondonmuseum.com
    WhiteNoise Projects https://www.whitenoiseprojects.co.uk/
    The Wild Pansy Press www.wildpansypress.com

    Galería del Paseo http://www.galeriadelpaseo.com

    North Waveland http://northwaveland.com/product-category/artists/

    Center for New Music  centerfornewmusic.com
    Center for Research and Teaching Excellence (CRASE) at the University of San Francisco https://www.usfca.edu/crase
    Edgewater Gallery http://www.edgewater-gallery.com/
    Gualala Art Center  http://gualalaarts.org/
    The Office of Fine Ideas and Art  https://www.kareneichlerfineart.com/
    Paintbrush Diplomacy https://paintbrushdiplomacy.org

    Biennale Wynwood www.biennalewynwood.com
    Diaspora Vibe Cultural Arts Incubator (DVCAI) http://dvcai.org/
    Osun's Village Miami an African Caribbean Cultural Arts Corridor https://www.facebook.com/osuns.village.miami/?view_public_for=69871611221

    Oliva Gallery https://www.olivagallery.com/

    Alfred C. Glassell Jr. Exhibition Gallery https://design.lsu.edu/student-life/galleries/glassell-gallery/

    Art Market Provincetown http://www.artmarketprovincetown.com/
    ArtSpace Maynard https://www.artspacemaynard.com/
    ASKlabs http://www.asklabs.com/
    Boston Center for the Arts https://bostonarts.org/
    Boston Sculptors Gallery www.bostonsculptors.com
    Brandeis University’s IMPACT https://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/peacebuildingarts/impact/index.html
    Brandeis University’s Learning Exchange https://www.brandeis.edu/ethics/peacebuildingarts/impact/learning-exchanges-2020.html
    Brookline Arts Center www.brooklineartscenter.com
    Cambridge Art Association cambridgeart.org
    Cambridge Creation Lab http://cambridgecreationlab.com
    Community Supported Film http://csfilm.org/nirv-theme-immigrant-contributions/#rhythms
    Cultural Agents Inc https://www.culturalagents.org/background
    Dorchester Art Project https://dorchesterartproject.org/
    Howard Yezerski Gallery https://www.howardyezerski.com/ 
    Joshua Winer / Mural Arts Studio http://winerthailand.de.s3-website-ap-southeast-1.amazonaws.com
    Kingston Gallery  http://www.kingstongallery.com
    Massachusetts College of Art and Design https://massart.edu/node/1756
    MIT Program in Art, Culture and Technology (ACT) http://act.mit.edu/
    National Association of Women Artists, Massachusetts Chapter  www.nawama.org
    Now+There http://www.nowandthere.org/
    South Shore Art Center www.ssac.org
    swissnex Boston https://www.swissnexboston.org
    Washington Street https://washingtonstreet.squarespace.com/covid-19-projects

    New Jersey
    Bridge Art Gallery www.bridgeartgallery.net 

    New York
    213 https://www.studio213art.com/
    Azart Gallery http://www.azartgallerynyc.com/
    Center for the Holographic Arts http://www.holocenter.org/light-windows  
    Centro Cultural Barco de Papel http://libreriabarcodepapelny.com/
    Marcus Garvey Park  www.marcusgarveyparkalliance.org
    MiA Collective Art www.miacollectiveart.com
    ODETTA http://www.odettagallery.com
    Parsons MFA Fine Arts, The New School http://amt.parsons.edu/finearts/2020mfa
    Susan Eley Fine Art https://susaneleyfineart.com/

    Miller ICA https://miller-ica.cmu.edu/

    South Carolina
    Winthrop University Department of Fine Arts https://www.winthrop.edu/cvpa/finearts/

    Ewing Gallery of Art, University of Tennessee Knoxville https://ewing-gallery.utk.edu/

    Adventures with Boss https://www.adventureswithboss.com/
    Gallery Sonja Roesch www.gallerysonjaroesch.com
    George Washington Carver Museum http://www.austintexas.gov/page/carver-museum-exhibits
    The Umlauf  https://www.umlaufsculpture.org/

    ​Vermont Studio Center https://vermontstudiocenter.org

    Eleanor D. Wilson Museum https://www.hollins.edu/museum/index.shtml
    Old Furnace Artist Residency  https://oldfurnace.tumblr.com/

    Centrum Artist Residencies https://centrum.org/centrum-artist-residencies/

    The Venezuelan Association of Plastic Artists – AVAP  https://avapccs.wixsite.com/castellano  

    Undecided Productions http://undecided-productions.com/

    Umodzi Arts https://www.facebook.com/UmodziArts-101073971264668/