The Exhibition “Mystical Unveiling”

The exhibition “Mystical Unveiling” by Spanish artist Ana Crespo arrived at the IUS Art Gallery on November 8, 2018. The exhibition was attended by a delegation of Embassy of the Kingdom of Spain in BiH, headed by deputy ambassador Mr. Nuño Santos. Her works are paper sculptures inspired by Sufism and work of Ibn Arabi.

The artist Ana Crespo said about the exhibition:

”I believe that imagination is one of the human being's greatest responsibilities, what we imagine opens a door; it draws a path along which future “walkers” can go. When one takes on the role of an artist, one acquires a great responsibility, which begins by “polishing” the imagination in order to access clearer forms.

The project reflects on the superior knowledge [ma`rifa] in Sufism, symbol of which is water and is linked to creativity and the unveiling of inner senses. The beautiful forms act as storehouses and distributors of that knowledge. Islamic spirituality has bestowed upon our peninsula a poetic, visual, chromatic and sonorous legacy, a continual source of inspiration for Art. Here we highlight the symbolic relationship between ma’rifa, water and creativity and the Feminine Principle.”