Blue Butterflies, Online Exhibition Available from 20th May, 2020

Artist Statement

Genc, focused on concept; class, objects, and relation. Namely, the approach to the object notion with psychological sense fallout. The artist filters the objects in the memory after the blurred perception and presents them to the audience. Making use of the tension of perception by using narrow and wide contrasts, the artist aims to open new spaces for the audience with this perspective. While doing this, it produces new media and installation works by working with different media on ceramic materials.

About “Blue Butterflies”

‘’Blue Butterflies’’Ceramic 3.65*162 height 8.5 2018

They couldn't be found, they certainly couldn't be found, but now we all know where they are and they will always stay here, whenever I see this place, I will remember them: Lutvo, Hamid, Almir, Zifet..."

Blue butterflies: A type of butterfly with blue wings which are fed with the flowers grew on the graves. These butterflies are the symbol of tragedy for Bosnian War and people of Bosnia. During the Bosnian War, Serbians slaughter between the years of 1992 and 1995 and dug deep graves for Bosnian people for not to be found. International Court of Justice on the genocide claim to Serbia deemed that there is no evidence to be seen. A commision was embodied by the authorities of Bosnia-Herzegovina to find the mass graves. After a year ahead, Commission noticed certain changes of geological structure of certain areas and emergence of blue butterflies in this certain areas. Excavation was realized where the blue butterflies emerged and 300 mass graves of Bosnian War were found.

“Blue Butterflies” is an installation consisting of a thousand pieces aiming to draw attention to the Srebrenica genocide in Bosnia and Herzegovina. The middle body part of the butterfly form was used as a unit. Wingless butterfly bodies of different sizes are made of ceramic material. It was constructed in reference to the cemetery in three sections at the working place. The direction of all the tracks is lined up in a certain rhythm, showing one side. Just like the burial rituals in a thousand pieces, they all point to one direction. “Blue Butterflies”, as in nature, draws the attention of the audience and aims to walk the audience around the installation in spaces. The audience walking around the work actually hovers around a cemetery or around a monument. The reason for choosing ceramic is due to the fragility of the material. A link was established on the sensitivity of the period through the sensitivity of the material. The events that took place on July 11, 1995, are criticized over the material and are remembered with respect.

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Lütfullah GENÇ ( 22.09.1994-)